Conti Wins Spring/Fishburne US 17 Drainage Improvements Contract

Conti Wins Spring/Fishburne US 17 Drainage Improvements Contract

May 24 2019

More than 60,000 vehicles per day use the portion of US Hwy 17 known as the Septima P. Clark Parkway, or simply the Crosstown. It is a vital artery for the City and critical that this route remains an efficient lifeline for emergency response vehicles, commuters, and those evacuating the city in times of imminent hurricanes.  US 17 has been plagued with flooding causing major havoc on the area. The City of Charleston awarded phase 4 of the Spring/Fishburne US 17 Drainage Improvements contract to Conti Enterprises, Inc.  This drainage project will offer a solution to alleviate frequent flooding that causes property damage and standstill traffic.  The work under this contract consists generally of construction of a Pump Station, Wet Well structure and a cast-in-place triple box culvert outfall into the Ashley River. 

This project builds on Conti’s extensive portfolio of Heavy Civil projects that provide communities with a solution to flooding.  Conti has been involved with the successful completion of similar complex high-profile projects over the past decade.

Conti Enterprises is a fourth generation, privately owned construction leader specializing in infrastructure projects. Built on a foundation of honesty and integrity, our company has grown and evolved with each generation to where we are today: a highly respected civil contractor for clients nationwide.

We are known for our platform of outstanding project execution and our effort to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our track record of delivering high impact construction projects to our clients and our extraordinary commitment to our core values, employees, and communities where we work has been the foundation of our success and longevity.

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