Corbin Street Ground Breaking

Corbin Street Ground Breaking

February 10 2020

Conti’s Corbin Street Project is underway


Construction has begun on the PANYNJ Corbin Street / Berth 3 Project PN-654.072.   Corbin Street, a primary north-south roadway serving New Jersey Marine Terminals Port Newark and Port Elizabeth, is supported structurally by Berth 3 which was built in the 1920’s and is one of the oldest wharf structures at the location.  After a partial collapse of the seawall due to marine borer activity, the site has been actively under construction to meet PANYNJ’s high standards for quality, safety, durability and reliability.

Work to be performed is construction of temporary support of utilities crossing the culvert at Berth 3; reconstruction of the culvert structure; provide closure between the wharf structures at Berth 2 and Berth 3; realignment of Corbin Street including excavation, backfill, grading, drainage, and paving; and related work at Corbin Street and Berth 3 and the vicinities thereof at Ports Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

This project will increase the Port’s ship berthing capacity as well as improve upon the safety and efficiency of terminal truck traffic to and from the Ports, extending Conti’s expertise in construction of marine projects while continuing our delivery of superior construction services to our clients. 

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