West Deptford Black Start Wins Best Project of 2016

West Deptford Black Start Wins Best Project of 2016

August 15 2016

Engineering News-Record (ENR) New York has released its annual Best Projects of the Year awards, and it named Conti’s construction of the West Deptford Power Station Black Start Generator as Best Energy Project of 2016 in the New York region.

Conti’s work on the Black Start project represents a milestone for the power world. The black start system is used to restore an electric power station or a part of an electric grid to operation without relying on the external transmission network, serving as the plant’s last line of defense against power outages and ensuring homeowners never experience prolonged blackouts.

The project team constructed the black start system and integrated it into the existing system, which presented large risk since the potential for damage to the existing system or power outages to the entire grid was much greater than if the black start system had been built in conjunction with the energy station. Conti took on these risks and installed the system with minimal complications, impressing the owner and power plant personnel.

“Our project team is appreciative of ENR’s recognition of our efforts on the Black Start project,” said Eric Boehm, Conti Project Manager, “It was a complex and challenging project, and now that it’s complete, we are proud of our work and its benefits to the community of West Deptford.”

The West Deptford Power Station is currently generating 738 megawatts of electricity, the equivalent of 700,000 homes annually, and has been doing so since its construction and connection to the power grid in 2014.